Centre for Learning and Information

The Centre for Learning and Information is an initiative of VIKSAT which helps to realise the aim as visualised by Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai “is to provide the necessary facilities and support service to promote such interaction as development communication is the major thrust of VIKSAT.”

Keeping this mind the Centre for Learning and Information was created with necessary financial and knowledge support from Sir Dorrabji Tata Trust in the year 2011. This was also necessary from the fact that VIKSAT has carved out niches in both Forestry and Water through innovative approaches. Hence the need was felt to disseminate this information and experience in a more concerted fashion. The Centre will function as a forum for collection, collation and dissemination of knowledge and experience in variety of domains like water, forestry, livelihood and any other area where interaction lead to sustainable growth and development. Other important function of centre is to enhance awareness, build capacities of people’s institutions, and carry out research on critical thematic areas, policy advocacy, and preparation of educational material (print and audio-visual, electronic and web-based). However, over a period of time, this function would also extend to other thematic areas such as biodiversity, agriculture and GIS.

Imparting training and facilitating discussion of other agencies will be major functions of the Centre. There will be two ways in which the training function will be taken up. This will be done through developing in-house training facilities which will facilitate all training activities and by carrying out structured programmes for any clientele. This will also include promoting learning both by distance and residential curricula.

Keeping this in mind an additional infrastructure has been developed. This comprise of a training hall with space to accommodate 100 people and equipped with all necessary audio visual and projection facilities, office space, cafeteria, area for registration and reception and to hold open house discussions. Situated within the lush green campus of VIKSAT at Thaltej Tekra, this will provide an idea atmosphere for creating an ecosystem of innovation. The facility will also provide space for organisations to hold seminars, workshops, planning meetings and display of their products.

Kindly contact us for further information on availing the benefits of the centre through filling the format below. We will get in touch with you soon.

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