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Your generous support enables VIKSAT to carry forward its development agenda along with creating effective and self-sustaining financial solutions for the poor and the most vulnerable. With access to financial services, the vulnerable poor can grow their incomes, access to services and resources, expand their businesses and improve the lives of family members, and above all leads to a quality of life which is sustainable and harmonious with nature.

The donation can be offer cash or crossed cheque or bank draft in favour of "Nehru Foundation for Development, A/C VIKSAT " and please send it to the below mention address. We will also be happy to know you and your institution. Kindly also send us some details about you or your institution for transparency in the fund received.

VIKSAT Bank Account Details :

Bank Name:
A/c Number:
IFSC Code:
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Nehru Foundation for Development
Thaltej Tekkra, Thaltej
Ahmedabad – 380054

VIKSAT as an activity of Nehru Foundation for Development is a registered non profit organisation. Your donations will be exempted by 50% under 80 G 5 of Income Tax rules and regulations.

Internship / Training

Internship as a medium of involvement has been valued a lot at VIKSAT. We believe in more people getting associated with us as interns. The purpose of this kind of association was mutual learning for the organisation and for the intern.

We invite students of various institutions of national and international repute to join us as interns. We have a wide range of initiatives in forestry, natural resource management, livelihood, land and water resource management, micro finance and micro credit, institution and capacity building.

If you are interested to join us as an intern, the do send us a brief resume (1 page) along with a brief about the nature of association, your competencies, duration and expectation from the internship to viksat@gmail.com. We will be in touch with you as soon as we get some interesting opportunity for you.

Training Opportunity



We at VIKSAT believe that volunteers form a powerful group that can contribute significantly towards achievement of developmental agenda of the society. The selfless services of volunteers and specifically of the young people do act as a core instrument in realising the goals of sustainable development. We at VIKSAT encourage people from every stream to work as volunteer and be part of the development process that is challenging, motivating and gratifying. You can be a volunteer at VIKSAT and get exposed to a variety of developmental interventions with wide range of stakeholders in different geographical areas. We would like to hear from you. Kindly fill the format below and we will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as we get some opportunity.

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