Drip Irrigation

Jayantibhai and lilaben from chota Mamudra village in Danta, Banaskantha installed drip irrigation system 2 years back in their field. With the guidance from VIKSAT, They attended a training on Drip Irrigation at Sarvoday Ashram in Amir gadh organized by Agriculture University. After that, they installed drip in their farm with the financial support from government and VIKSAT both in the form of grant and loan. 

Jayantibhai says, ‘even when monsoon fails, I can still save my crop with lesser water. Since I studied till standard 10 and agriculture during my education, I knew about drip irrigation and was looking for someone to guide me to get it for my field. At that time, I came in contact with VIKSAT and they helped me to get training and ways to install the system’. 

Jayantibhai said, ‘Earlier I used to cultivate maize, wheat and cotton through flood irrigation. The crops were also traditional and irrigation method added to my expenses. However, with drip irrigation, my costs reduced drastically and I have also shifted to value added crops’. 

He said, ‘Last year I sold 1300 kg cow pea at 60/kg and earned around Rs.80,000. I have cultivated Cluster bean and okra and earned Rs.30,000 from sale. I have also cultivated chilli, dried them and sold 340kg at 150/kg resulting in Rs.51,000 income. I have cultivated 200kg garlic, 500kg onions and earned Rs.18,000 from sale’.

In addition, Coriander and methi cultivated and sold for Rs.5000. income from milk is around Rs.7000/month’. 

The family earns around Rs.3,00,000 per year by adopting advanced farming practices. They married their daughter last year, sent son to college and bought a motorcycle to sell vegetables in local market. Renovation of house is in plan for next year. 

It is highly motivating to see how a poor tribal family transformed to Lakhpati family by adopting improved water management and agriculture practices and progressed to send their children for higher education in faraway cities.