VIKSAT's headquarters is located in Ahmedabad District, while its field offices are in Bhiloda (Aravalli District), Kheroj (Sabarkantha District), Kukma (Bhuj District), and Akhod (Bharuch District).

VIKSAT's Ahmedabad Campus and Facilities

VIKSAT has an idyllic campus with abundant greenery, fostering a peaceful learning atmosphere. Our infrastructure includes a fully equipped resource center, a seminar room accommodating 80 individuals, a conference room for 20 individuals, an auditorium, hostel, canteen, and a library stocked with over 3500 books, AV materials, magazines, journals, and reports.

VIKSAT’s Kukma Campus and Facilities

In Campus, we have 6 double rooms accommodating up to 12 occupants, along with 2 dormitories that can house 40 individuals and a well-equipped canteen, which can comfortably cater to 70-80 persons. Seminar Hall, with a seating capacity of 70. 

VIKSAT’s Kheroj Campus and Facilities

VIKSAT's Kheroj campus offers convenient amenities such as parking facilities, a guest room, and a training room with a capacity to accommodate 50 individuals.