High Value Crops, Vermi Compost, Silo & Nursery

Sumitraben and Arunaben with three other members from Rani Umri village of Danta, Banaskantha were exited to share their success story in the village group meeting. They have started onion sapling cultivation with 15 kg seeds and could manage Rs.90,000 at rate of Rs.20/unit for 4500 units (bundles). All this she completed in a span of 45 days from the date of sowing seeds. Both divided their responsibilities among themselves. They sold the seedlings to farmers from surrounding villages with the help of VIKSAT. 

Sumitraben said, ‘We have 10 more months for corps. We cultivated vegetables in our farm and prepared vermi-compost at home for own use in farm’. About 40 women from other groups also cultivate vermi compost. 

Now, they are planning to spread the message to other 100 women by next year and ensure they all cultivate vermi compost and shift to natural farming.

Women in group shifted from traditional farming to high value crops. They have convinced their husbands and other family members to adopt high value crops through natural farming by application of vermi compost. Most of them now cultivate Tomato, brinjal, coriander, cauliflower and other vegetables. ‘Last year, each one of us sold Rs.70,000 worth vegetables’ said one woman in the group. 

Sumitraben who heads the group has 4 cows (HF) and 2 buffalos. She supplies 45 litres milk per day and earns Rs.40,000 per month. To improve milk production, she set up silo with maize stems, jaggary and salt mix. The average milk yield improved by 2liters per day after feeding the mix from silo to animals. In addition, last year she earned Rs.50,000 from tomato, Rs.20,000 from cauliflower and Rs.7000 from onions cultivation.

Every woman cultivates Azola in their kitchen garden as animal feed and earn Rs.20,000 per month from higher milk yield. Another women who owns ¼ acre land cultivated cotton seed and earned Rs.20,000. She in addition earns around Rs.10,000 per month from sewing cloths. Her husband helps her in getting orders. She also works as Arogya Sakhi in village earning Rs.6000 per year. Women are now interested in having own silo in their back yard. 

Women said, ‘there are few nurseries in the village, however, our group started growing seedlings earlier than other nurseries, thus gaining advantage over others’. 

Last year they started with 15 kg seeds, now planning to increase 20 kg seeds for planters. Sumitraben holds the group cohesively and guides them in planning and work distribution