Sangam Village Organisation Dantiya

Dantiya village initially started with 3 SHG groups in 2014 with VIKSAT’s support and steadily grew in numbers. Within 3 to 4 years they reached to 23 groups with 263 members. They formed as federation called Sangam Village Organisation (VO) in 2018 consisting of 23 group Presidents and Secretaries. The VO committee meets on monthly basis to monitor the functioning of associate groups, loans requests, regularity of loan recovery, savings etc., and any new activity to be undertaken. They formed various rules and regulation. Each group takes regular training and exposure visit to strengthen group effectiveness as well as VO’s.

Five Rules of VO:

1.    Regular savings

2.    Regular meetings

3.    Regular lending

4.    Regular recovery

5.    Regular documentation

 VO operates with around Rs.25Lakhs cumulative amount at its disposal. Apart from group savings where each group deposits Rs.100/month and credit rotation, VO received community investment fund about Rs.7Lakh from Mission Mangalam a program – GLPC of Gujarat government to integrate SHGs and Federations into value chain of investors through micro finance and bank linkages. In addition, Poshina Taluka Panchayat gave a grant of Rs.1.95Lakhs to 13 associate groups under Mukhyamantri Mahila Utkarsh Yojana. 

Associated groups provide various loans to members. Smaller loans are provided by groups where as need for higher loans are met by VO. Each member savings Rs 50 on monthly basis  and now   on an average has Rs.2600 saving in each saving group member whereas group savings is around Rs. 30 to 35 thousand. In total more than Rs 8 lakh savings in this village SHGs.

Members said that they take bigger loans from VO for purchase of livestock, leasing land, bore well for irrigation, dug wells, pump sets etc. VO managed to ensure that every member has a toilet block at their home which is built with the financial aid from government with the support of VIKSAT. 

One of the groups Asha Mandal received Rs.70,000 loan. Punam ben, the group secretary said, a member availed Rs.60,000 loan to buy a cow. She pays Rs.2500/month as EMI along with monthly savings. Another women took Rs.10,000 loan to set up a grocery store in the village.  

Almost all members of VO are registered with dairy for milk supplies. VO also ensured that each member has 5 to 15 goats. Small ruminants a profitable business in rural setting. Goats are vaccinated and regular check-up and treatment is done in villages. Pashu Mitra appointed for care of livestock charges Rs.15/animal for visit and nominal cost of any medicine. 

In Dantiya  village, 12 women were provided loan by Dairy to buy cows and Buffalos . Each cow bought at Rs.50,000 where Rs.42,400 loan provided by dairy. Out of this, Rs.20,000 was provided as subsidy and VIKSAT contributed Rs.10,000 per cow. Instalment is deducted from payables against milk supplies. 

Dantiya village members said that they are facing drinking water problem and planning to take up the matter with VO.  Any large initiative is generally addressed by VO.

Women are now very confident to fulfil their family needs. Earlier they borrowed cash at more than 10% monthly interest rate from money lenders. Now they felt relieved as they no longer pay high interest rate to money lenders and with additional savings take up multiple activities on their farm. Each member of the group said that they earn more than Rs. 1 Lakh per year from various activities. They realised education is most important for future generations, specially Girls must be educated.