Vegetable Cultivation & High Value Crops

Sovaniben and Danabhai from Choliya village in Poshina block of Sabarkantha cultivate vegetables in 3 seasons and retail in surrounding villages. There are 8 members in the family. Three children are studying in school and they also assist in vegetable cultivation. Grandfather sells vegetables at store.

Last year they earned Rs. 50,000 from wheat cultivation. They harvested 360kg groundnut crop and earned Rs. 18,000 and 180kg cotton seeds earned Rs. 81,000 and cultivated maize for home consumption. The family earned around Rs.1,49,000 last year from farming of high value crops.

Additionally, they cultivate tomato, cluster been, okra, cow pea, brinjal, chilli, bitter gourd on routine basis throughout the year. On an average they produce 4000kg vegetables in a year. They retail the vegetables in local market and earn around Rs.1500 to 2000 per day. Thus, earning around Rs.3 lakhs per year. After deducting all expenses, a net income of Rs.1.5 lakhs from vegetable cultivation confirmed by Danabhai. 

The family breeds 4 buffalos and sells milk worth Rs. 50,000 per year. Sovaniben said, ‘we changed cropping pattern for past 2 years and we found it highly beneficial. Our earnings grew 3-fold’. 

While interacting with the group, members said, almost every member of the group cultivates vegetables but not in such large quantity as Sovaniben. The group said every member in the group should cultivate vegetables as it is highly profitable and gives regular income.